NeuroImage 2018 Best Paper Award

We’re extremely pleased that one of our papers was awarded with the Elsevier NeuroImage Best Paper Award 2018 at the annual Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM) meeting 2019 in Rome.

The paper, spearheaded by Siobhan Ewert, established the main subcortical atlas now used within our deep brain stimulation reconstruction software Lead-DBS. It used structural MRI, diffusion-weighted imaging based tractography as well as histology to create a precise patchwork atlas within ICBM 2009b NLIN Asym (“MNI”) space that so far has been applied in various clinical and translational papers.

The histology dataset used to create the atlas was graciously supplied by Mallar M. Chakravarty and D. Louis Collins from the MNI, which are both co-authors on the paper, as well.

The paper was selected from over 3000 manuscripts submitted to NeuroImage within the course of 2018. It was cited cited >60 times within 18 months and has thoroughly empowered the Lead-DBS software package.