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Unsolicited applications

We are always open for unsolicited applications if you’d like to join our team e.g. with a personal grant or other types of funding.
For instance, Andreas Horn is PI at the Einstein Center for Neurosciences and the Medical Neurosciences PhD programs in Berlin that offer the possibility to apply for funding. Just contact us and we may find a good way.

How we do things

We aim at building a modern, flexible and friendly laboratory environment and our lab has the goal of becoming a scientific “teal organization”. Feel free to explore our internal pages a litte, e.g. the lab manual.

What you can learn at the netstim

Nearly all of our research projects are tightly intertwined with building and maintaining the scientific open-source toolbox “Lead-DBS” ( Thus, we expect that each member of our lab contributes to Lead-DBS in some way. Contributions could be in form of code and code-development but also documentation, testing and teaching (e.g. in one of our Lead-DBS workshops). Thus, besides scientific work, the participation in an open-source software project is something you can experience here. Scientifically, projects focus on how focal stimulation of the brain result in distributed network changes throughout the brain and how such changes relate to behavioral, clinical and electrophysiological responses. To investigate these relationships, we often apply MRI based neuroimaging techniques (such as diffusion-weighted MRI based tractography, resting-state functional MRI, structural MRI and simulations). Why not browse to our research interests or previous publications to get a better picture?