Tune in below for a brief radio interview (German) with SWR2 Wissen with lab PI Andreas Horn about the Ríos et al. 2022 Nature Communications publication on connectomic analysis of DBS for Alzheimer’s Disease

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Ríos AS, Oxenford S, Neudorfer C, Butenko K, Li N, Rajamani N, Boutet A, Elias GJB, Germann J, Loh A, Deeb W, Wang F, Setsompop K, Salvato B, Almeida LB de, Foote KD, Amaral R, Rosenberg PB, Tang-Wai DF, Wolk DA, Burke AD, Salloway S, Sabbagh MN, Chakravarty MM, Smith GS, Lyketsos CG, Okun MS, Anderson WS, Mari Z, Ponce FA, Lozano AM, Horn A. Optimal deep brain stimulation sites and networks for stimulation of the fornix in Alzheimer’s disease. Nat Commun. 2022;13(1):7707. doi:10.1038/s41467-022-34510-3