Electrophysiological Atlas of GPi Activity (Neumann 2017) included in Lead-DBS v2.0.0.6

Inside a new version of Lead-DBS (v2.0.0.6) released yesterday, we included the pallidal theta activity sweet spot defined in A localized pallidal physiomarker in cervical dystonia as well as optimal stimulation targets defined in Thomas Schönecker‘s Article Postoperative MRI localisation of electrodes and clinical ef… and Philip Starr’s Article Microelectrode-guided implantation of deep brain stimulators….

 Since all three spots fall into a very similar region of the GPi, this atlas gives some summarizing evidence for an optimal target inside the GPi. Of note, the target falls into the sensorimotor part of the GPi as defined in

We further included the CIT168 subcortical atlas defined in A High-Resolution Probabilistic In Vivo Atlas of Human Subco… that Wolfgang Pauli and colleagues from Caltech graciously shared for inclusion in Lead-DBS.

Furthermore, the new Schäfer parcellations defined in Local-Global Parcellation of the Human Cerebral Cortex from … that further subdivide the famous 7/17 rs-fMRI brain parcellation established by B.T. Thomas Yeo et al in The organization of the human cerebral cortex estimated by f…  have been added for DBS connectivity analyses.
Last but not least, we included lrnlab.org‘s (PIs Stephen Coombes & David Villaincourt) HMAT
Three-dimensional locations and boundaries of motor and prem… and S-MATT A Template and Probabilistic Atlas of the Human Sensorimotor…  templates of the sensorimotor cortex and -tract as brain parcellations for connectivity analyses in Lead-DBS and Lead-Connectome (for more information on these very helpful templates see http://lrnlab.org/).
For an updated list of subcortical atlases in Lead-DBS see http://www.lead-dbs.org/?page_id=45, for a list of whole-brain / connectivity brain parcellations see http://www.lead-dbs.org/?page_id=1004.
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